Almost 40

I’ll be turning 39 this April, and I’m feeling 40 encroach. I’ve aged a lot in the past 5 years since my divorce. I sort of let myself go-a lot!

I want to go to the gym, but I haven’t mustered the motivation. I want to be ripped like those muscle-y women. Six pack and all-just rippling and being enviable. Although, I think I could settle for my two oblique dents and my hip v’s. Oh-and maybe the fat on my legs could melt off along with the cellulite I’ve accumulated too!

I want to attend a spin class this week while the girls are at their dad’s. I think now is the perfect time to get on a bike and just have at it-let all the stress be inflicted upon a spinning inanimate object.

This morning, I’m drinking diet Pepsi and timing myself for an hour before I can eat. I take levothyroxine so I have to fast for an hour before eating. Also, I’m having coffee with a friend at 10:30 and don’t want to spoil that with a home brew.

I bought a Brita pitcher and a burr grinder. I have it all set up so that I can easily make a fresh cup in just a few minutes. I did try a Keurig, but I couldn’t adjust the pods for taste and so I lost interest in the novelty of pods.

I used to write a psychologist all of the things I’m sharing now online. He was a safe place. I decided to move to a blog format since it is important for me to share my journal. I’m not sure why. Other people keep private journals. Maybe I’m a narcissist. Haha! I think a priest called me that once.

On the subject of priests…

Hmm…I think I’d better wait. I like to keep my posts short.

Next time we can go over my unhealthy relationship with the Catholic Church.

Until then…enjoy your day and thanks for reading 🙂




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