The Last Man on Earth…

is probably the last show anyone would expect me to enjoy, but I love it. All of the characters are interesting. The lead character was so obviously and painfully over-the-top that I knew he must come down a bit-and he did.

I imagine I’m one of the characters sometimes. It’s fun. You go around with your little caravan and explore new places. Almost everyone around you has died-that’s the bummer part-but also one of the best parts in that you get to discover new people and value them in your life more than you did in your previous one.

I don’t have a favorite character, but I lean towards Carol because I enjoy her enthusiasm towards life, craftiness, and overall quirkiness. Also, I wish I could pull off gaudy outfits like her as well!

Today’s plans are to clean the kitchen, binge watch The Last Man on Earth, and stretch.

I had a down day yesterday. It started off well, but I found great difficulty in turning around the low parts.

But today is a different day, and I am hopeful as to what it will bring.




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