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Luciano-A Funeral Dirge (Poem)

  • You passed me by in gardens of stone
  • Placed roses beside my feet
  • Said prayers as you danced away
  • With ones who wore diamonds on their toes
  • Until fate intervened
  • And your face melted
  • In a fire of chaos
  • Lying in bed
  • Your flesh falling from the bone
  • I placed it back
  • And read you my songs
  • Each day
  • You awakened more
  • Until you no longer saw my granite
  • Until I became a gem you’d sworn you’d seen before
  • Though had never quite known.
  • Love was born
  • Two faces who had weathered life worn
  • A light into our beings
  • Infused as though we were one
  • I left a foreign land
  • For your native home
  • And so-I tended your vines
  • Centuries long yours
  • I pressed your grapes tenderly
  • Just as I reattached your flesh to your bones
  • I nursed your child
  • As I nursed you in charity and in poverty
  • Our garden was a splendid spread
  • There were no servants-only family
  • No hierarchy
  • Only loved ones
  • We were intimately secluded
  • But touched the world with our wine stained hands
  • Until a traveler you thought might interest me entered our lives
  • A native from my own
  • Introductions awkward
  • And undesired
  • An omen of impending doom
  • I ignored all of the signs
  • And lived in your garden
  • In your vineyard
  • In your castle
  • Until an enemy of your father
  • Struck you down
  • As metal flew into every inch of your body
  • I was blanketed by the native to whom you introduced me
  • I escaped from beneath him
  • Crushed the grapes that lay beside you
  • That mingled with your blood
  • The native watched
  • I wouldn’t let him touch you
  • I buried you
  • And went home
  • To our castle
  • And in the hours of grief
  • I died
  • Staring out upon our garden
  • Bereft of your beauty and my timeless form.
  • –Carolina Maine

Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved

I have considered using this as a prologue to a novel I have mapped out.

What do you think?


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