Back to the Way it Was…

I’m changing my medication schedule back to the way it was before my doctor recently changed it. I couldn’t sleep on the Depakote and had vivid nightmares of being shot repeatedly and in various situations. They were life-like dreams. I don’t think the medication is a good fit for me.

I’ll make sure my doctor is made aware that I won’t be taking the new medication or adjusting my old medication.

I feel like whenever I have symptoms more drugs are shoved at me and it’s just too much. Nothing is ever going to fix me and there are some other aspects-such as diet and exercise that I’m ignoring. I also haven’t been working in therapy to help with the feelings of being rudderless without the girls being home with me.

I need to work on my diet and exercise habits and then work on building a separate self outside of being a mother so that I do not experience these ups and downs throughout the year-summers are the worst.



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