Progress-A Good Journey

I think I am showing progress regarding my depression. I am more aware of my situation and surroundings and way of being. I’m also more positive and hopeful.

I set my alarm to attend a cycling class at my gym, but I don’t think I will go because I haven’t worked out in months and an hour long class might be too much. I think I might get on a machine and work for 30 minutes and then stretch and do ab exercises. I think that might be the better plan for me despite how much I’d like to do the cycling class.

I took a walk with my girls, my friend and her daughter, and my dogs yesterday evening. It was windy and kind of cold so Gumbo was carried by my oldest daughter. It felt good to get out of the house and move. Sophie enjoyed it too and smiled all-the-way home!

After my workout, I will meet a friend for coffee, but I have to cut it short since my teen texted me, frantically begging me to bring her camera for photography class at 11:40. I’m a little annoyed by that as she should remember her camera as it is her responsibility.

Well, I’m positive and looking forward to a productive and rewarding day. I hope you are too!



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