Things Done and Undone

My meeting with my friend for coffee yesterday was longer than I had expected-which was good. Dropping off my daughter’s camera and photography equipment proved irritating and caused me to drive in a slow circle across a wide area of the town I live in-taking up  time.  And then there was the issue of the dishes I forgot to wash…a mountain that intimidated me into unmotivation.

Needless to say, I did not work out. My youngest daughter is pestering me to get to the gym with her tonight. We may go. If not-I’ll work on the house this week and then start this Sunday when the girls get back.

The house is a mess. Depression took its toll and I feel overwhelmed. I set big goals for myself and then don’t achieve them which further feeds the depression.

So today, I plan to tackle the kitchen area. I’ve washed the dishes and now it’s time to organize and get things off the table-like laundry and items that were lazily tossed there. I have a new table cloth and place mats that I’m looking forward to using.

Also, I really need to read some fellow writers’ blogs and chat around the blogosphere. I haven’t been good at reaching out and reading others’ thoughts. I’ve been behind on that because I just haven’t had much motivation to do anything.

Last night, I felt compelled to go into my room for solitude. After a little while, it hit me that I waited all day for my girls to get home only to retreat into my room. Though rainy and cold outside, we went to Sonic and ordered ice cream and sat there with the heat on. Sophie and Gumbo joined us. Despite feeling blue, I was able to spend quality time with my girls and had a lovely outing.

Maybe yesterday didn’t go as planned, but I spent time with a friend and my girls-and washed an intimidating mountain of dishes. I think it went well-maybe even better than expected.



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