Using One Note As A Journal

Journaling is highly effective for those of us with mental health issues. We blog mainly to get our thoughts out into the open and to connect with others; however, we do have to self-edit before sending our work out onto the internet. I haven’t always been so good with self-editing so I’m starting a journal in Microsoft Office’s One Note to help me reflect daily.

I did look into various online journal applications and formats, but most of the apps had strange companies producing them and my journal needs to stand the test of time. Microsoft’s One Note is a safer bet.

You can even password protect your journal in One Note to prevent your thoughts from being used against you by persons who are judgmental and who want to hurt you just because they don’t like you-for whatever reason they have. Who the hell knows with some people. See Update Below. 

I would never use someone’s journal against them, but even Susanna Kaysen had her journal stolen in Girl, Interrupted. All proficient and prolific writers have probably had their privacy violated at some point in time. Sometimes people just use words against you even if you share them openly. I call these people assholes 🙂

Enjoy your day and keep blogging and journaling!

Update:  I have the newest version of One Note installed now, and it appears ( I haven’t learned it all yet) that we can no longer password protect notebooks individually; however, you can password protect your computer and One Drive account-if you access it outside of your usual PC.










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