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Novel Structure

Last year, I bought a book that was supposed to help me write my novel in 90 days, and it was an okay book, but I did not write my novel in 90 days. I didn’t write it at all!

I did some minor planning of characters, but that is as far as I got.

This summer, I am determined to make progress. My first novel will be a mainstream, southern, chick lit. I figure this is an easier structure to master before moving on to my other novel ideas in the future.

Amazon has Structuring Your Novel by K.M. Weiland. I read several reviews and downloaded the sample before purchasing. I’ve been burned by novel writing books in the past, but this one was worth the $9 I spent. It also came with an accompanying workbook in Kindle version as well-the combined price was $9.

I feel more hopeful about completing my novel now that I am learning more about structure. Also included in my studies is Dialogue, Techniques and exercises for crafting effective dialogue by Gloria Kempton. I have this book in paperback and had read parts of it earlier. After reviewing it again, I decided to spend time studying it to completion.

I should have more success this summer with my writing projects now!



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