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Novel Structure

Last year, I bought a book that was supposed to help me write my novel in 90 days, and it was an okay book, but I did not write my novel in 90 days. I didn’t write it at all!

I did some minor planning of characters, but that is as far as I got.

This summer, I am determined to make progress. My first novel will be a mainstream, southern, chick lit. I figure this is an easier structure to master before moving on to my other novel ideas in the future.

Amazon has Structuring Your Novel by K.M. Weiland. I read several reviews and downloaded the sample before purchasing. I’ve been burned by novel writing books in the past, but this one was worth the $9 I spent. It also came with an accompanying workbook in Kindle version as well-the combined price was $9.

I feel more hopeful about completing my novel now that I am learning more about structure. Also included in my studies is Dialogue, Techniques and exercises for crafting effective dialogue by Gloria Kempton. I have this book in paperback and had read parts of it earlier. After reviewing it again, I decided to spend time studying it to completion.

I should have more success this summer with my writing projects now!


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I’m recovering from a deep depression, and I’m beginning to feel much better! It’s spring and summer is around the corner. I feel in the mood to write!

I’ve been using my ancient Kindle to search books on novel structure today. It takes forever to search on my Kindle because it is the old kind with the buttons at the bottom and the buttons on the sides to navigate. I like it because it was $60. I keep it because, despite how luring the newer models are, it costs a lot more to replace the old one!

I have a Nook glowlight, but I’m trying to use the Kindle more in that I’m worried Barnes & Noble might not be around longer than Amazon. That is my concern with buying ebooks. I want to keep them forever, and the reality is that Barnes & Noble and Amazon can go the way of the dinosaur and I’ll be stuck with 0 books.

Anyway, I digress…

I have two print books:

90 Days To Your Novel by Sarah Domet


Dialogue, Techniques and exercises for crafting effective dialogue by Gloria Kempton

Both are helpful, but I read them so long ago that I don’t feel interested in re-reading them for inspiration.

I do have The Copyeditor’s Handbook by Alice Levine, and I want to work through it before June arrives. I need to revisit grammar rules and learn how to edit with symbols to make the editing process more streamlined.

Do you have any suggestions of books that cover structure and style for novels? If so, please share them, and have a happy writing day 🙂



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Do You Know Yourself…?

I was driving and listening to a Christian radio station and the radio personalities were discussing books and how each one of us has a book inside of us. The question was if we knew ourselves well enough to be an authority-one whom others will turn to regarding an experience or  as a person with some set of knowledge-would we know ourselves well enough to write about that subject and be confident that someone else will benefit from having read the book we wrote?

I know myself very well. I was once a very narrow-minded, judgmental, and illness-shaming type of person. I thought mentally ill people were weak and should be hidden from view. I grew up in this type of family. Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers struggled with mental illness-yet both families would not speak of their struggles or situation.

When I joined the Air Force in 1998, I became ill. The stress I was under caused my latent genes to explode into the full bloom that is mental illness. After more than a decade of denying my illness, I have finally accepted it.

I share because I don’t want to sit in silence, in supposed dignity.  I don’t want others to feel as alone as I have in my life and in my struggles. I want for my experience to help someone in some way, and I think that it has given the friends I have made regarding sharing the same or similar experience.

I am working on a memoir about my mental illness. Currently, it is reading like a timeline, and I don’t like that because timelines can’t delve into the minute detail that mental illness demands in expression.

As a writer, I have had to learn the hard way how to edit myself. I can often edit myself into silence. I still struggle sometimes with what I should share and what I should keep to myself-for mainly the fear of others using my thoughts and writings against me-which has happened in the past.

I’m going to revisit my manuscript and make a complete change in tone, pace, and perspective. I think writing the failed manuscript ,and reviewing it with kind criticism ,will help me make the final one stronger and more relatable.

So my question to you is,

Do You Know Yourself Well Enough to Write Your Book?