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I have had some ups and downs during this period of recovery. I was manic for a while and wrote a shitload of stuff…none of which is on my blog. Thank god! It’s better that you don’t read my manic writing šŸ™‚

Now that I’ve come back down…I fell a little too far, but not far enough to not want to breathe in and out and open my eyes. In fact, I landed with the type of discomfort that is pushing me to be hopeful….

Today, I showered. I went to lie in the sun…15 minutes on each side. My pasty (and it is pasty) white ass wasn’t showing since I had the compassion to wear shorts…my neighbors don’t need to be traumatized whilst I soak up some rays. My neighbors are Somalian and are shocked by the sight of my pale legs alone!

I felt really low today. The girls left for their dad’s visitation yesterday, and I have been blah feeling.

This past week, I have been sick with a head and chest cold that I caught from my lovely youngest daughter. Yep. Gave me all her germs and then some.

I’m feeling better with minor congestion, but I’m really tired. I have narcolepsy and didn’t take my Concerta (Ritalin) all week so that my body could rest. I am taking it again and my body just feels run down.

I plan to go to mass this evening.

Until then, I will continue snuggling with my dogs and I plan to read some blogs and research mental health recovery-I have an idea for a book on that subject.

Oh…and there is a pile of laundry that I need to sort and put away.

I am new to Instagram. My Canon dslr comes in the mail the first week of June, and I plan to learn photography this summer with the girls.

For now…I just have some basic iPhone shots posted. You can follow me if you want @ carolina.maine

Thanks and have a well mental health day šŸ™‚



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I’m having doubts about if there is truly a book in me.

I primarily write poetry and read nonfiction; I am not sure I have the skills to write a novel.

I don’t know that I have the drive to either.

As an aside…

My Google Chrome account appears to have been hacked.

I thought the virus was limited to one computer, but when I logged into my Chrome account on another computer-the virus followed.

I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem…

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Novel Structure

Last year, I bought a book that was supposed to help me write my novel in 90 days, and it was an okay book, but I did not write my novel in 90 days. I didn’t write it at all!

I did some minor planning of characters, but that is as far as I got.

This summer, I am determined to make progress. My first novel will be a mainstream, southern, chick lit. I figure this is an easier structure to master before moving on to my other novel ideas in the future.

Amazon has Structuring Your NovelĀ by K.M. Weiland. I read several reviews and downloaded the sample before purchasing. I’ve been burned by novel writing books in the past, but this one was worth the $9 I spent. It also came with an accompanying workbook in Kindle version as well-the combined price was $9.

I feel more hopeful about completing my novel now that I am learning more about structure. Also included in my studies isĀ Dialogue, Techniques and exercises for crafting effective dialogueĀ by Gloria Kempton. I have this book in paperback and had read parts of it earlier. After reviewing it again, I decided to spend time studying it to completion.

I should have more success this summer with my writing projects now!


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I’m recovering from a deep depression, and I’m beginning to feel much better! It’s spring and summer is around the corner. I feel in the mood to write!

I’ve been using my ancient Kindle to search books on novel structure today. It takes forever to search on my Kindle because it is the old kind with the buttons at the bottom and the buttons on the sides to navigate. I like it because it was $60. I keep it because, despite how luring the newer models are, it costs a lot more to replace the old one!

I have a Nook glowlight, but I’m trying to use theĀ Kindle more in that I’m worried Barnes & Noble might not be around longer than Amazon. That is my concern with buying ebooks. I want to keep them forever, and the reality is that Barnes & Noble and Amazon can go the way of the dinosaur and I’ll be stuck with 0 books.

Anyway, I digress…

I have two print books:

90 Days To Your Novel by Sarah Domet


Dialogue, Techniques and exercises for crafting effective dialogue by Gloria Kempton

Both are helpful, but I read them so long ago that I don’t feel interested in re-reading them for inspiration.

I do haveĀ The Copyeditor’s HandbookĀ by Alice Levine, and I want to work through it before June arrives. I need to revisit grammar rules and learn how to edit with symbols to make the editing process more streamlined.

Do you have any suggestions of books that cover structure and style for novels? If so, please share them, and have a happy writing day šŸ™‚



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Don’t Feel Like a Poet Anymore

I don’t feel like a poet anymore. The last poem I wrote was in 2011.

I have had writer’s block for a long while now!

I’m going to follow more poetry blogs to see if that gets the juices flowing.

I’m still going to post about mental health and living with Bipolar Disorder, but I don’t want that to be my blog’s only defining attribute.

I’m sorry I haven’t been online very much. I haven’t felt well. I’m recovering, but I still have days that I struggle to get through.

I was following Millionaire’s Digest and there were so many posts that I couldn’t see the blogs that I have also been following which means that I missed out on a lot of your posts!

I don’t follow Millionaire’s Digest anymore. They have interesting tips but the glut of posts crowds out other blogs I’m interested in.

I hope you have a happy mental health and writing day!


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Luciano-A Funeral Dirge (Poem)

  • You passed me by in gardens of stone
  • Placed roses beside my feet
  • Said prayers as you danced away
  • With ones who wore diamonds on their toes
  • Until fate intervened
  • And your face melted
  • In a fire of chaos
  • Lying in bed
  • Your flesh falling from the bone
  • I placed it back
  • And read you my songs
  • Each day
  • You awakened more
  • Until you no longer saw my granite
  • Until I became a gem you’d sworn you’d seen before
  • Though had never quite known.
  • Love was born
  • Two faces who had weathered life worn
  • A light into our beings
  • Infused as though we were one
  • I left a foreign land
  • For your native home
  • And so-I tended your vines
  • Centuries long yours
  • I pressed your grapes tenderly
  • Just as I reattached your flesh to your bones
  • I nursed your child
  • As I nursed you in charity and in poverty
  • Our garden was a splendid spread
  • There were no servants-only family
  • No hierarchy
  • Only loved ones
  • We were intimately secluded
  • But touched the world with our wine stained hands
  • Until a traveler you thought might interest me entered our lives
  • A native from my own
  • Introductions awkward
  • And undesired
  • An omen of impending doom
  • I ignored all of the signs
  • And lived in your garden
  • In your vineyard
  • In your castle
  • Until an enemy of your father
  • Struck you down
  • As metal flew into every inch of your body
  • I was blanketed by the native to whom you introduced me
  • I escaped from beneath him
  • Crushed the grapes that lay beside you
  • That mingled with your blood
  • The native watched
  • I wouldn’t let him touch you
  • I buried you
  • And went home
  • To our castle
  • And in the hours of grief
  • I died
  • Staring out upon our garden
  • Bereft of your beauty and my timeless form.
  • –Carolina Maine

Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved

I have considered using this as a prologue to a novel I have mapped out.

What do you think?